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銘傳大學美國分校線上申請系統已開放!MCUMI Application Process Is Now Open!

最新消息! 凡本校大學部四年級學生,無論是否已經報考托福或雅思,都可馬上進入美國分校網站上註冊並送出申請書,開始初步入學審查,托福或雅思成績在此階段並非必要文件。審查機制採隨到隨審制,美國校區會就您所提供的資訊先進行初步審查,達到標準者會先收到條件式入學許可(Conditional Offer)之通知。這項措施可以有效幫助同學確認目標,提供以下好處:


1.  尚未完成托福與雅思的同學可以全力衝刺準備托福或雅思考試,只要在出國前考達到入學標準 ,即可將原本的條件式入學許可(Conditional Offer)轉換成正式入學許可(Full Admission Offer)!如果在出國前仍未考達標準,同學仍然可以以條件式入學方案進入美國校區讀書,唯獨到美國後仍需繼續補習英文,努力在一年內考達標準。


2.  同學可以無後顧之憂的在台灣銘傳就開始選修碩士先修課程,節省日後在美國研修的時間。


3.  通過初步審查的同學即可優先取得學校宿舍,由於宿舍名額有限,最好提早卡位。


因此,有興趣到美國讀書的同學們千萬不要錯過這個消息,請馬上登入銘傳大學美國分校申請系統網站(http://mcumi.mcu.edu.tw),點選左側的Apply Now,盡速填寫並提供所需文件可件並送出,開始初步審查。


另外,也請不要忘了,校內將在104年3月24日至5月開設托福班,有興趣者請查看報名資訊: http://ic.mcu.edu.tw/en/node/12052


還有,美國分校也即將於下學期開設新媒體與傳播管理的碩士先修課程。其課程名稱為: "藝術與美學"。有興趣者請查看報名資訊: http://mcumi.mcu.edu.tw/


注意: 尚未服兵役之役男申請者,需於獲取入學通知以及學生簽證後向相關政府單位申請緩徵。請盡量在2015年3月前完成相關申請表件。


All MCU seniors are welcome to start the online application for the master program offered by Ming Chuan University-Michigan Location. The applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and the certificate of TOEFL or IELTS is not required at this stage. If all the requirements except English language requirement are met, the applicant will first receive a conditional offer. Applicant can later submit eligible TOEFL or IELTS score to receive a full admission. This policy will help students to pursue their goals in the following ways:


1. With the conditional offer, students without eligible English score will be able to focus on their TOEFL or IELTS exam preparation. The full admission letter will be issued after the applicant meets the English entrance requirement. If the applicant cannot meet the English entrance requirement by the time of registration, the applicant can still attend MCUMI using the conditional offer. However, the English language requirement has to be met within one year of enrollment.


2. Students can start taking English-instructed graduate-level courses in Taiwan in the last semester of college to reduce the workload in the U.S.


3. Due to the limited availability, campus housing operates in a first come first serve basis. Students are strongly recommended to start the application as early as possible so that they can have prioritized access to the campus housing.


Please do not miss this great opportunity! After getting on the MUCMI website, please click “Apply Now” on the left side of the site to apply to our programs. The initial review process will start immediately after the completion and submission of required documents.


Furthermore, please do not forget that MCU will offer TOEFL preparation class from March 24th to the end of May in 2015. Please visit the website below for more information!



As mentioned before, MCU-MI will offer an English-instructed graduate-level course, Digital Art and Aesthetics, in Taipei campus next semester for the New Media and Communication Administration dual-degree program. We welcome all students to take this elective course!

Please check the web link below for further information!


Note: For applicants who have not yet fulfilled their mandatory military service and wish to apply for military draft deferral, it is advised to complete the MCUMI online application before March 2015.


Act fast and apply now!


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by Dr. Radut.