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Orientation for Roberts Fellows Held at AMCU

Dr. Robert Yien, MCU Vice President of Academic Affairs, met with students from the SVSU Roberts Fellowship Program/Photo by Carine Yang

By Carine Yang

March 15, 2013

Eleven elite students from Saginaw Valley State University attended the Orientation for the 2013 Roberts Fellows on March 15, held by American Ming Chuan University in Michigan. Dr. Robert Yien, the MCU Vice President for Administrative Affairs, welcomed the students at the event and introduced the history of Ming Chuan and goals of AMCU.

Following that, an informational presentation about MCU and Taiwanese culture was given by Carine Yang, assistant to the executive director of American Ming Chuan University.

This will be the first trip to Asia for many of the Roberts Fellows. “I really got a much better sense of what our trip will be like, and I am very excited to see Taipei!” said Fellow Rehana Khan-Brown.

 The delegation of Roberts Fellows, led by Dr. Andrew A. Swihart (Psychology), Dr. Brian Thomas (History) and Dr. Anne Tapp (English), is scheduled to visit Taiwan in late May. “This will be the sixth time we have hosted the Fellows,” said Dr. Robert Yien, “We encourage positive peer relationships between students from SVSU and Ming Chuan.”

 At the end of the meeting, Dr. Andrew Swihart expressed their gratitude for the warm reception and great hospitality the Fellows received from Ming Chuan.

About Roberts Fellows Program 

MCU Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Robert Yien, became SVSU’s vice president for academic affairs in 1978, and was the first person to suggest that an overseas trip to Asia be included in the Roberts Fellows Program, an elite leadership seminar for SVSU students formed in large part from a generous donation by Donna Roberts, former head of Dow Chemical Co.’s legal department and secretary to the Dow CEO.

“I said, ‘If this program is preparing young people for a leadership role in any field, I think it is a very important thing that they should have a chance to observe abroad even for just a short while,” Yien commented. “You can go to Europe any time, but when you go to Asia, you have to have some reason.” A visit to Ming Chuan University is included in the three-week trip that all Roberts Fellows make each May.

Yien said that he believes it is important for young Americans to visit Asia for professional reasons.


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