2023 Mandarin Summner Camp

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Camp Introduction: 2023 Mandarin Camp – MCU-MI


Cultural Activities:

  1. Kick Shuttlecock – Test your agility and coordination with this traditional Chinese game.
  2. Diabolo – Learn the art of spinning the diabolo, a classic Chinese toy.
  3. Paper Cutting, Embroidery – Discover the beauty of Chinese arts and crafts with paper cutting and embroidery.
  4. Face Painting – Get your face painted in traditional Chinese motifs and designs.
  5. Bamboo Dragonfly – Assemble and decorate your own bamboo dragonfly, a popular Chinese folk toy.
  6. Chinese Knotting – Create intricate and meaningful Chinese knots, symbolizing luck and prosperity.
  7. Calligraphy Writing – Learn the art of Chinese calligraphy and practice writing Chinese characters with a brush and ink.
  8. Ink Painting – Express your creativity through Chinese ink painting techniques.
  9. Pearl Milk Tea Making – Learn how to make the famous Taiwanese drink, pearl milk tea.
  10. Dumpling Making – Get hands-on in making delicious Chinese dumplings with different fillings.
  11. Scallion Pancake Making – Make and taste crispy scallion pancakes, a popular Chinese street food.
  12. Electric Techno Neon Gods – Learn the subcultural dance performance which combines a traditional Taiwan folk dance with modern pop music.
  13. Sky Lantern – Light up the sky with beautiful sky lanterns, a symbol of good fortune in Chinese culture.
  14. Dragon Dance and Lion Dance – Witness the captivating performances of the dragon dance and lion dance, two iconic Chinese cultural traditions.